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Embark on Adventures with Ease

Ever dreamt of exploring new places and creating unforgettable memories? Our Excursions and Day Trips are perfect for anyone facing mobility challenges. Don't let anything hold you back from experiencing the joy of travel and exploration!

Convenience and Comfort Delivered to Your Doorstep

Forget about the hassle of reaching a pickup point. Our door-to-door service ensures you’re comfortably picked up and returned right to your home. Traveling has never been this easy and stress-free!

Fully Accessible and Inclusive

Our mini-bus, equipped with a tail-lift, guarantees a smooth and accessible journey for all.
Everyone deserves the chance to travel without barriers!

Join Our Community

To be part of these exciting journeys, simply become a member! Our annual membership is only £10, and each excursion is individually priced, ensuring affordability and value.

Tailored to Your Locality

We’ve organized our trips into two groups based on residential areas to minimize travel time and maximize enjoyment:

Welcoming Everyone
Even if you're outside the Durham area, our adventures are still within reach! Join us from a central Durham City pick-up point and be part of the fun.
Get ready to explore, laugh, and make lasting memories with Durham City Shopmobility. Our Excursions and Day Trips are more than just journeys – they're experiences that bring joy, freedom, and a sense of adventure to your life!


Group OneGroup TwoVenueCost Per PersonMobility Equipment
Tue 23 January 2024Thurs 25th JanuaryMainsgill Farm£15.00Limited Equipment Available
Tue 30 January 2024Thurs 1st FebruaryTeeside Park£15.00Limited Equipment Available
Tue 13 February 2024Thurs 15th FebruarySeaham Including Lunch£25.00Limited Equipment Available
Sat 20 April 2024Thur 22th FebruaryDalton Park£15.00Limited Equipment Available
Sat 27 April 2024Thur 29th FebruaryMorpeth£15.00Limited Equipment Available
Tue 12 March 2024Thurs 14th MarchMcArthur Glen Shoppinh Outlet - York£26.00Limited Equipment Available
Fri 19 April 2024Thurs 21st MarchPenshaw Farm Shop & B&M Washington£14.00Limited Equipment Available
Tue 16 April 2024Thurs 28th MarchNorthallerton Shopping£20.00Limited Equipment Available