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You never fully understand losing your mobility until you yourself lose it, or if a family member loses it. Once you fully see life from their perspective - it becomes easier to help them. Durham Shopmobility helped me when my mam had a stroke, and i couldn't be more grateful for their existance.

Dec Southen - Durham

Personally, I never thought becoming someone with reduced mobility would destroy my independance as much as it did, Durham Shopmobility was there for me when i didn't know who to turn too.

Joe Pickering - Durham


To give your existing wheelchair or mobility scooter a a full clean including upholstery steaming.  

We recognise that for some people your chair can be your main seating for the majority of the day, week in, week out,  365 days per year and that cleaning it can be a problem for people with limited mobility or dexterity issues. 

We can do this at our shop: (£30.00)
We can do it in your home: (£35.00)
We can provide you with a loan chair during this period: (£2.50 per hour)



Durham Shopmobility are now piloting a wheelchair Maintenance & Repair service. 

In this repair service, we can not only fix the issues you might have but check for other faults on your Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter. This is a new service we are piloting, and look forward to helping our community. A list of costings for our repairs can be found below. 

Diagnostic & Fault check in shop: £50.00ph + cost of parts
Diagnostic & Fault Check at home: £50.00ph + costs of parts
We can provide you with a loan chair during this period: (£2.50 per hour)


Accessible Bus Hire

We have a fully accessible 15 seat Mini-Bus for Hire to clubs, groups, charities and societies on a one off, a weekly or a monthly basis.

The Bus can only be hired with our driver for funding and insurance reasons


Annual Servicing

Annual Service in our shop: £50.00 + costs of any parts required
Annual Service in your home: £50.00 + costs of any parts required
 Supply of loan chair/scooter during service: £2.50 per hour

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