Hiring From Us

Hiring from us is simple!

How Do You Use Shopmobility?

Durham City Shopmobility ask that your first visit you bring along 2 forms of identification one with an image of you and one containing your name and address, or instance, your driving licence, pension book, current utility bill or blue badge.

You will then be asked to complete a registration form and will be issued with your temporary or annual membership card. If necessary, a brief training session will be given and then you are ready to hit the road!

Note: 2 Forms of ID required to use our service for the first time.

How Much Does It Cost

Customers have the option of registering as a MEMBER or a VISITOR of the

Regular users are recommended to register as a member. Membership is £10 per year,
effective for 12 months from the date of joining.

Infrequent or one off users may register as a Visitor and avoid the membership charge but will pay a higher daily rate. Charges are as shown below are applicable in each instance.

hort - Term Hire (daily)


MEMBER: Wheelchairs, Scooter, Rollators, Walking Frames and or Crutches are subject to a hire of £2.50 an hour.


VISITOR:  Wheelchairs, Scooter, Relators, Walking Frames and or Crutches subject to a hire of £3.50 an hour.

The equipment is available for hire during our normal opening hours from 10am, and must be returned no later than 3.45pm on the day of hire.

Long - Term Hire (2 days or more)


SCOOTERS: £20 per day or £100 per week and a £100 returnable deposit

ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS: £20 per day or £100 per week and a £100 returnable deposit

MANUAL WHEELCHAIRS: £10 per day or £50 per week and a £50 returnable deposit

ROLLATORS: £10 per day or £50 per week and a £50 returnable deposit

WALKING FRAMES: £10 per day or £50 per week and a £50 returnable deposit

CRUTCHES: £10 per day or £50 per week and a £50 returnable deposit

Please note in all cases you will need 2 forms of ID one with a photo, one with your home address

All equipment will be for a maximum of one week and a late return fee of the daily rate will be
charged per day on all over due equipment. Our Equipment cannot be taken out of the country without private insurance being taken out

All Hires should ideally be booked well in advance

This service can prove to be very useful to anyone visiting Durham, either on business or pleasure who needs assistance with their personal mobility during their stay. Due to previous thefts there is a refundable deposit of £100 payable in respect of using the long-term hire service for motorised scooters. Hire charges and deposit to be paid in advance at the time of booking.

Please note we only deal in cash transactions